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About us


Simple is the hardest.

"It is easy to open a business, but it is hard to keep it open. Since 2008, we always keep moving."

- BOYITECH solar pump

Who are we?

Out there when Europe companies are busy making big in order to mark a high price, our owner, also the general engineer, Mr. Zhou,

on the other hand has been investing his expertise on 10 years' of research and development to fulfil most end-user's underlying quest for cheaper, reliable and Simpler solar pump product.

Yes, We do not follow suit from our beginning in 2008.

But what motivates BOYITECH to begin this journey to simplicity?

Being an entrepreneur himself starting from scratch in taizhou, China, Mr. Zhou is fully aware of how

(1)Inuffhcient Technical know-hows

(2) Limited working space

(3) Tight budget could be key in-hibitors for start-ups embarking on solar pump product.

That is why he has been setting his sights on building something different, something that could a help  for those people who are need water but cannot afford highly cost of Europe made product.

"My wish since the day I started this company, was to put higher priority on pragmatism rather than on high margins”.

In BOYITECH, We take pride in being the front-run-ner for being practical and simple, and in seeing our solar pumps used in Most of the world not only developed country ." Mr. Zhou commented.

"Good product speaks for itself that it's always the idea that values, to provide the world with cost-effective green energy products."

Why choose us


- No MOQ

- All inquiry replied within 24 hours.

- 2 years quality guarantee

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